Fabric As Inspiration

In working with the Artist’s Way, one of the things we focus on is baby steps.  I am finding that my baby steps are much smaller than I assume they “should” be.  As a friend reminds me, “shoulds” are poison.

It’s frustrating, though, that there are so many relative to sewing.  Putting that aside is difficult.  I went to an amazing fabric store with a friend, the Textile Discount Outlet.  It’s overwhelming and fun at the same time.  They have a whole wall of fabric that’s under $4 a yard, where I found a lovely, satiny black fabric with blue detailing that looks Asian.

The left side of the picture above is the “right” side of the fabric, with the black detailing.  On the right, it’s the dark part with blue detailing.

I love the way the light falls with the fabric drape.  It had different colors depending on where the light hits it.

Here’s a detail of the images on the fabric.  Trees and structures are all over it.  I’d like to make a long vest or jacket with it, so that it can take advantage of the flow of the fabric.

Here’s the reverse; I like it just as much as the other side.

I find it interesting how my inner Critic wants to fight with my decision, though.  I look at the fabric and doubts surface.  I can see that it’s my Critic and not something realistic, but it’s painful regardless.

What do you do to conquer your own Critic?

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  1. First of all, i totally agree with you that Fabircs are inspirational but i wonder how you make time for all your many blogs… this was an experience and i will sure keep coming back.


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