I’m Blogging at Samhain Publishing and the Writer’s Retreat Today

I have two articles for you today.  The first is at Samhain Publishing, Who To Write About (When You Can’t Write About Your Friends and Family).  Rachel and I use pictures to inspire us in our stories, and I share some of what works for us.

The second is Why Big Goals Don’t Work – Baby Step Your Way To Success.  I’m forever hearing from people who want to make some gigantic goal their sole purpose in life (lose a hundred pounds, write a book, etc.).  I’ve been told “I’ll just do P-90X,” “I’m not in this to play, I’m in this for a New York contract,” “Little goals are a waste of my time,” etc.  Those people, the ones who said those things to me, aren’t around doing their work anymore.  P-90X was designed by a triathlete who found to his shock that yoga challenged him.  But the part about him already being a triathlete meant that he understood how to accomplish things.  The one who told me they wanted the New York contract isn’t even writing anymore.  See how dangerous such large goals can be, when they’re not tempered by small, achievable steps?

I hope you’re having an enjoyable and productive Wednesday.  Remember, today is in your hands.  What do you want to do with it?

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