Thursday 13: Thirteen Images from Lunch

Not actually images of food, but images from my walks during my lunch break.  I’m fortunate to be working along the Chicago River and the weather has been absolutely fabulous lately!  Take a look:

This is the medallion in my elevator, actually.  I’m fond of it.

I love flowers.  Never know what they’re called, but I love ’em.

This is actually a shot of the train platform in the morning before work; this is one of the stations that’s at street level (they’re in the more residential areas as opposed to downtown, where it’s either the elevated “L” or a subway).  (We still call the subway the “L”, go figure.)

I love this view in the morning!  We zoom over it pretty fast, but I would love to have one of the houses on the bank and a little dock so I could take my boat up and down.

The parking structure is almost all gone.  Looks like a scene from some big space exploration, like a robot lost a bucket or something.

Trump tower is in the center.  You can’t really see it very well (my camera on my phone doesn’t have a zoom), but the metal superstructure at the top is a crane for the window washing crew.  !!!!  D00d.  I will never complain about my day job again!  Sheesh!
I love this one.  It isn’t great from a composition standpoint, but it captures everything I like about my lunch walks:  the flowers (these weird cabbage rose things that look like colored Brussels sprouts, huh?) and the water with the boats.

This is a prior shot of the demolition, where you can still see the building, parts of it.  This was just 2 weeks ago.  It’s startling how fast a brick structure can just disappear.


I love they have mint planted along the river!

More greenery.  This is right in the midst of downtown, too!  (See the next shot for context.)

This is the bridge by my office, and you can see the river and flower edging.  Cool, no?

I love reading signs about things; it makes me feel more like I know what’s going on.
MINT!  It has lovely purple flowers, too.  I just love how exuberant this plant is.  ROWR!

16 Replies to “Thursday 13: Thirteen Images from Lunch”

  1. Thanks, Colleen! Actually, I’d love to see pictures of a chicken coop, hens and roses. Rachel and I are working on a psychic mystery and the main character owns a B&B in the country and they raise heirloom hens for eggs so the guests can have a “farm” experience. So we’d LOVE to see real hens! 😛

    (And MAN! some of those coops out there are quite elaborate – we saw one that looked like people could roost in it!)

    Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I really like the medallion. And the boats/flowers. It reminds me of the park where I spent a lot of time growing up, and will be spending time in the future once Bub is in school. There’s something about the water that’s just…soothing.

  3. Thanks, Shelley! I agree, it’s a lovely walk; I’m really lucky to have it here (though I’ve been a big believer in lunch walks and have found stuff to look at pretty much anywhere).

  4. Isn’t that amazing, Alice? It’s not even the most ornate I’ve ridden; Chicago is proud of its architectural items and elevators seem to be a way for the architects to play. There are even some grilles and such on display at the Art Institute of historical buildings’ elevator doors.

  5. Thanks, Willa! I appreciate you stopping by. And I agree; I think it’s important to enjoy our moments of our days. There are so many ways to do it and it’s something simple, but pays big dividends in mood improvement. 🙂

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