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For this hop, I decided to accept Alanna Coco’s challenge and use the JustRomance.me scene generator!  It gave me the following scene:

These are your characters:
Veterinarian, Butler, Astronaut

These adjectives describe them.
Assign one to each character.
Wise, Creepy, Sweet

This is your setting:
Studio set

See if you can guess which adjective I assigned to which person.  Have fun!

“Channel five news tonight with Cari Ann Layton and Steve Talman. In suburban Redwing today…”

Chandler tuned out the rest of the droning voice as it went through the litany of the day’s highlights. He didn’t like the unfettered negativity. He came around the corner of the snack table and almost ran into Sandoval.

“Pardon me, sir. I didn’t see you there.” Sandoval’s hands, full of four neat stacks of papers clipped with black binder clips, spread in apology.

“Do you need a hand with that stuff?” Chandler reached out to catch the top pile as it leaned toward the floor.

“Thank you.” Sandoval smiled, his brown eyes tired. “They’re for Mr. Kincaid’s butler.”

“Oh.” Chandler tried to keep the distaste out of his voice. “I see.” The trouble with that lay with the fact that Chandler didn’t want to see William, the butler, but avoiding him meant he’d lose out on spending time with Sandoval.

Sandoval, though, seemed oblivious. “Well, you have a nice evening.”

Chandler slipped the top stack off the pile and held it. “I’ll come with you and help.” He started walking, just to get Sandoval moving. “What is all this stuff, anyway?”

“Breeding records for the stable that Mr. Kincaid is thinking of buying. I’ve been chief veterinarian there for the last eight years and have all the records since its founding.” He paused, mouth twitching like he’d frown. “It took me three hours to copy everything, but I didn’t want to give any of the originals to William.”

“Wise thought.” Chandler glanced at Sandoval out of the corner of his eye, trying to be subtle, and caught Sandoval watching him. The vet flushed a rich red, like a strawberry margarita, and looked away.

“What brings you to the station?” Sandoval asked.

“I had an interview today about my time on the shuttle.” Chandler scratched his chin, the makeup they’d made him wear still itching even though he’d washed his face. Twice.

“Your skin bothering you?”

“I wore that crap they make you wear on camera and it won’t seem to come off.”

Sandoval watched him for a few steps and then looked down, as though he wanted to say something but didn’t quite dare.

“What is it? You can trust me.”

“I have something that will help, if you’d let me use it on you.” Sandoval flushed again. “It’s not like it…” He trailed off. “It’s a facial steam with some herbs.”

A facial steam? What did Sandoval think he was? Of course, his skin really itched. Then the light bulb went on. They’d get to spend time alone together. In Chandler’s bathroom. Alone. “Okay.” He tried to act casual, not let on the way his heart thumped in his throat or his palms started to sweat. Casual.


Man, that butler better hurry up.

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Happy Summer Solstice!

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