Humpday Update – Pictures and Thoughts – the Bryce Canyon Shawl

The Bryce Canyon Shawl
You know, it’s hot enough here in Chicago to fry an egg on the sidewalk (maybe not literally, but it sure feels like it), so working on a shawl that is reminiscent of my time in the desert is, perhaps, fitting.

As I work on it, I am surprised by my progress.  It feels massive, like it will never be done; as I add new yarn only a couple inches from the last addition I worry I won’t have enough yarn and will never get to work on my other projects.  My Puritanical Critic chimes in with, you’d better not work on anything until this is done, and I despair.

Yet I see progress.  There are four more inches over the last medallion, which surprises me.  When did I have time to add four inches?  I only just finished that medallion this last weekend!  But this is the magic of knitting.  Stitch by stitch, inch by inch, progress accumulates.

Kind of like life.

My husband is the professional photographer, which you can sort of tell since all you see of me is the top of my forehead.  And MAN can you tell it’s hot by how shiny my head is!  What a pate.

Oh, right.  The knitting, Noony, is why they’re reading this.  ~blush~

See how many inches I’ve added above the ending of the center medallion?  Wowsers.

Okay, this time I got my eyes, at least.  I’m still wearing my old glasses, since my new ones had to go back to the doctor to be fixed and they’re not ready yet.  This is one of the two medallions that will be on the top.

And this is a close-up of that medallion.  I love Barbara Walker’s sampler ideas!  These are so fun to make.  I’m on row 84 here.  Only about 50 more to go before the end, then I’ll add a few inches of the lace stitch.  (It’s called “faggoting,” but I keep not typing that because it makes me blush and I don’t want folks to think I’m being rude.)

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