Walking In This World

One of the most obvious ways to ground is to work IN the ground, by gardening.  What I’ve discovered about gardening is that weeding is like laundry – it never ends.  As you keep working in your garden, the weeds keep growing.

The best part about gardening is the results of the growth.  I love seeing tomatoes turn red, and peppers finish growing.  We have chard that is getting huge and beautiful.  It’s almost a shame to eat, since they’re so pretty.  My lilies are opening and my curry plants have lots of yellow seeds that scent the air.

Weeds remind me that daily maintenance yields positive results and that there is serenity in the everyday. 

Do you garden?  What do you like to grow?

2 Replies to “Walking In This World”

  1. I keep meaning to take better care of my perennial garden but it seems to have been taken over buy strange weeds. Sigh… It’s easy to blame the untamed jungle beyond our back property and way too easy not to go out and work in the heat. Thanks for sharing imagery of your garden! This post reminds me that it’s never too late to redeem myself.

  2. It’s funny, isn’t it, how gardens can reward even the most sporadic efforts. I mean, if we’re trying to grow orchids or roses, perhaps not, but most plants respond to intermittent care as long as their basics are taken care of. Then, their response encourages us to keep doing it so it creates a feedback loop of positive forward movement that results in true grounding.

    That’s the magic I like about gardens. I can really see how they’re therapeutic.

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