We’re still on our vacation and enjoying our time in the Pocono Mountains.

Except… for the deer that attacked my husband…

He looks so innocent, doesn’t he?  But the monster approaches… 
He sees the first monster, but the second catches his scent.

Drawing closer, the monster cannot believe its luck!

Oh dear!  The monster’s mother intervenes.

And nearly eats my husband!

These vicious animals are thwarted by my husband’s strength of character.

They confer, no doubt planning some dastardly deed.
What’s this?  They decide to separate, the better to regroup…

My husband magnanimously lets them go.

They decide to retreat, hiding behind their personas as leaf-eaters. 
They check behind themselves to see if they still have his attention.

8 thoughts on “Greetings From Vacation – The Attack of the Deer

  1. Aww, how gorgeous, captivating series of events. :))

  2. Thanks, Eaton! We had fun. I have an adorable picture of the deer close-up on my phone that I have to download when I get home (brought the wrong equipment to do it here, sigh).

  3. Oh, what a wonderful encounter! Truly vicious beasties, indeed – I’m glad hubby was okay 🙂

  4. I know, right? Vicious, I’m telling you.

    Apparently, some folks in the area have hand-fed them with corn (which is actually not a good thing, but explains why she was so willing to get close to him).

  5. they had a glint in their beady eyes. never thought Bambi could be trusted, I mean that growth spurt in the movie was just too weird.

  6. I know, right?? They’re man-eaters, that’s why.

  7. Awesome! And what fun comments! I saw a lone fawn the other day and a mother with twins yesterday.

  8. Thanks, Darla! I’m so pleased you saw some deer; they’re so adorable.

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