Friday Flash – Fishtank

At our prompt group the other night, one of our prompts involved writing a snippet with sentences of only seven words. It came from Ursula LeGuin’s amazing book, Steering the Craft.  I highly recommend it.

The fish swam around in their tank.  red, green, orange, blue, even pink flickered.  How many times Jack watched them?  How many fish had he raised?

Over the years, he counted hundreds.  He named them all, but forgot them.  His ledger kept track for him.  Silent, leather-bound, it held names in trust.  It did not judge.  It did not accuse him of forgetting.

Its job was to remember.  Like a happy puppy, it did so.  No questions or argument, it recalled.  Recollections intrigued Jack.  Since the accident, he had few.

Little more than flickers, his memories died.  Like his brain, broken now.  The accident, they said with somber voices.  He didn’t need their pity.  He didn’t remember the accident anyway.

Ebinezer!  The pretty purple one was Ebinezer.

You want to try?  Set your timer for 15 minutes and write a paragraph, but using sentence of no more than seven words – it can be fewer, but no more.  Feel free to share with me in the comments!

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