On the Subject of Naps
I’m sitting here, exhausted after my first week of work after vacation, my second week of work ever at my new job that I love, and realized something.
The reason I can’t think of a good post is because I’M TIRED!
Then it hit me.  Sunday’s Box Talk this week will be about – you guessed it – naps!
When’s the last time you took a nap?  When’s the last time to got a good night’s sleep?  If you have to think about it for a moment, it’s been too long.  Do what you have to.  Take a sick day (only if you haven’t just started a new job ~grin~), a personal day, a vacation day, hell, even a weekend day.  Declare it “Nap Day.”  If you have kids, outfit the living room with blankets, sheets, and build a fort out of the couch.  Lounge around in your pajamas and refuse to go outside.
Most global traditions hold that the Creator rested at some point, be it the seventh day, or after weaving the world, or holding it up, or creating it out of dust.  Regardless of your religious traditions, or even in the absence of any, it just makes good sense.  Babies, cats, and dogs know it.  Horses know it.  Birds know it.  Naps are good for you.
Excuse me, my couch is calling me.  It’s time to nap.
Happy napping!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Box Talk

  1. Good advice! Thank you.

  2. Thanks! It’s advice I need to take more often! 🙂

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