Tue Cent Twosday – A Guest Post by Moira Keith

I was asked to share my tue cents and I’m not sure that my darling host realized what she was opening her blog up to. Then I had to come up with something brilliant to share tue cents about. Did I have enough of an opinion to offer up on any one given subject? Of course! I’ve got many passions and it was difficult to decide which would be selected and put on a pedestal today. I managed though, after much deliberation, and will blog about tue of my favorite things—drawing and writing.

My mother and sister are quite fond of saying I took all the creativity in this branch of the family. When I was younger, I would sketch for hours. In my senior year of high school I took art for three hours. That was my escape. My chance to let my pencil move across the page and erase the small aggravations of the day. While I don’t draw as often as I did in the past, having allowed writing to take its place, it is a hobby I find myself giving to some of my characters. For example, in my new book Blood and Moonlight my heroine Kiara tends to pick up a pad and pencil, it helps her think, ease stress, or even at times, helps her remain connected to parts of her life that she is no longer a part of.

I think working in some of your own passions into your writing and through your characters really helps bring them to life, make them easier to connect with. We all have things that we are passionate about. Perhaps your passion is cooking, or singing, or maybe you are a sports fanatic. My question to all you fantastic readers and writers out there is this:

To my fellow writers out there – what passions have you incorporated into your stories?

For all the lovely readers out there – are there particular passions that endear a character to you?

One lucky commenter will receive an e-book copy of my new release Blood and Moonlight!

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  1. Morning ladies!
    Awesome post, Moira!

    I love to scrapbook, and while I haven’t managed to work that into a story yet, I do a page for each book – a collage of settings, characters, etc. Then I have a print of the actual cover above it. But w/6 books now I have to rearrange my tiny office b/c I’m running out of wall space. Thinking about bringing them downstairs instead…

  2. I envy you your drawing, I used to doodle as a kid, but it never developed into much, LOL! I love dogs and gardening, so usually there’s one or both of those things in my books =)

  3. Gosh, as a fledgling writer I sometimes enjoy having my characters connected to the music industry, and many of the people I create have a passion for cooking and/or fine dining. While reading, I appreciate any kind of passion injected into a character. Those authors who take the time really endear their characters (and themselves!) to me.

  4. See, I like to go the other way with my characters. I let them excel at the kinds of things I only wish I could do, or do better. Sometimes I forget that I’m not a world-class sculptor or chef; that I don’t own a nursery, a winery, a B&B, a cute little tea-shop. And as for my being an accomplished trainer of dogs? Yeah, around here, I think it’s the other way around. 😛

  5. Thank you so much everyone.

    Selena, I’ve developed a love of cooking and baking over the years. Cooking is fairly new and I can only briefly experiment with the lil zombies. Baking makes its appearance in a recent work in progress though and I’m enjoying that.

    OMG Renee, I can’t believe how awesome that sounds. A scrapbook collage for each book? I would love to see that.

    Nancy, I don’t hardly draw as much as I used to. Was once fairly good at it, but I stuck within my comfort zone. My characters always draw in things I know very little of. Or they paint. (Something I would love to do but have yet to master).

  6. Hi Darla! I love that name. My best friend’s little one is named Darla. So you are a fledgling writer huh? Welcome to the wonderful (and often times wacky) world of writing! I agree with you on endearing characters and the writers that create them. I find that to be such an important element in any story. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Of course you have to go against the grain PG! But what an opportunity to explore things you aspire to do! Maybe the research will lead you to actually go out and do. And who knows, perhaps you are learning by osmosis or through the characters you are creating. Never know. Let me get you some clay and see what you sculpt me. 😉

  8. Congratulations Darla M Sands! You are my winner! Drop me a line at moira (at) moirakeith (dot) com and let me know which electronic format you would like for your copy of Blood and Moonlight and I will shoot that over to you!

    Thanks everyone for stopping by! It’s been great fun.

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