Solving problems with crafts
Last month I blogged about my adventures with Japanese temari – a lot of fun to make, but purely decorative.
While I love to make beautiful things, I find I get the most satisfaction when my crafting has practical uses. Going back to full-time office work earlier this year, I found I had two minor issues that needed a solution for my desk at work.
Problem one: I started bringing a water bottle with me to work because the water in the office cooler wasn’t always cold enough. I fill my water bottle with ice which results in it sweating all over my desk. I found I was constantly wiping up puddles and I was worried I’d accidentally ruin some important papers, so I decided I needed a bottle cover.
Problem two: Though I usually keep my cell phone on vibrate, I like to keep it handy under a shelf on my desk. When it buzzes – it’s not very quiet, so I decided I needed a cover for that also, to minimize the vibrations.
My solutions involved a size H crochet hook and one skein of Lily Sugar ‘n Cream cotton yarn. I chose ‘Beach ball’ because I love the shades of lavender.
After scoping out a couple of water bottle patterns on line, I decided just to crochet a simple round starting with 6 double crochet stitches and working around, adding stitches until the bottom of the carrier was about as wide as the bottom of the water bottle.
The yarn provides just enough give to hold the bottle snugly. I shaped the holder by crocheting in the front loop of my stitches once around, then single crocheting rows until the holder was tall enough. The shading of the yarn just happened to create a perfect spiral pattern on the holder, though I didn’t specifically set out to achieve that look.
For the cell phone holder, I just made a band of single crochet, the width of my phone and just about twice the length and sewed the sides together to make a nifty little pocket.
Now my ice water stays chilly longer than before thanks to the insulating effects of the yarn, and the bottle doesn’t sweat all over my desk, and when my cell phone buzzes, it doesn’t vibrate all over.
Quick, easy and practical. I may start making crocheted covers for everything I own.
Have you ever solved a problem with your crafting?

5 thoughts on “Solving problems with crafts

  1. jblynn says:

    Wow, those are great looking. Sadly, my problem-solving skills are less than “craft”y.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, JB! The biggest problem I need to solve with crafts is what to do with all the crafting supplies I already have and stop buying new things. 😉

  3. Great solutions aren’t usually so pretty. Nicely done! I’m not exactly crafty, myself, but I enjoy what others create.

  4. I love to make practical things too! I have the same problem with not using all the materials I have already. I’m addicted to the craft store! I have made a concerted effort lately to start using up my stash to make various prayer shawls. Not only do they help me to unwind and meditate while making them, I put my prayers and good thoughts into each one so they will forever be with the person who receives one of the shawls.

  5. Thanks, Darla – I love to see what other people can make and I usually get inspired.

    Hi Tammy, my favorite projects are the ones that help me relax and I do think you can definitely infuse one of your creations with your good thoughts and prayers.

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