Torquere Press does a pretty neat thing with its author release days: it allows the author, if they wish to, to give an “Author Extra” that’s related to the new release.  It can be anything from an excerpt to an essay or something fun that get readers engaged.

Rachel and I had fun picking our Author Extra for “Taking a Chance,” our short story for the Leather Bound Charity Sips for 2012 to support the NOH8 Campaign.  In the story, our hero Jay offers to cook dinner for Chance Renton, the attractive leather-clad motorcycle rider that gave Jay a ride home.  What better “Extra” than a recipe for what Jay made for dinner that night?

Come on over to the Torquere Press Blog to check it out!

2 thoughts on “Author Extra for Taking a Chance

  1. The book is on my laptop as I type. I’m making myself wait while I finish another title but it’s difficult. Time to check out the recipe!

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