Monday, Monday… la la la…

Today, I have two posts for you written by buds of mine, that I think you’ll like.

The first is “Interviewing a Sinkhole” by Selena Robins.  Selena is smart, funny, and an amazing cook.

Yes, you’ve read the title of this blog correctly. I have interviewed a Sinkhole.

I bet you’re wondering if my Yoga classes have finally driven me to discombobulated meditation (or temporary insanity)?

Nope. Not yet, anyway. more>>

The second is “Idols and Inspirations” by Moira Keith.  Moira is a hero of mine and her blog post discusses what makes a hero for us.

We all have them. The people we admire and look up to. Our heroes and heroines that drive us to move forward, pursue our dreams, and reach beyond where we ever imagined was possible. I have several authors that inspire me every day. And I thought I would share some random quotes from a few of them this fine Monday morning, to inspire me and remind me why I write the way I do and what I do.  more>>

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