Journey into my supply closet

They say the first step is admitting you have an problem. So, I’m here to admit that I have an addiction to crafting supplies.

I’d like to follow that up with the usual disclaimer – But I can quit any time I want. Except I can’t. The only thing limiting my purchase of crafting supplies, is the room in my supply closet – and the closet is pretty well full up at this point.

Here’s a rundown of my stuff.
Top shelf: Candle holders, miniatures, scrapbook accessories, pieced quilts [unquilted].

2nd shelf: cross stitch floss, wrapping paper, ribbons, scrapbook paper, candle making machine.

3rd shelf: Beads, crayons, clay, temari supplies, canvasses, quilt fabric.

4th shelf: glue guns, more beads, paints, brushes, palettes, styrofoam, pins, sequins and embellishments, more canvasses, candle wax, threads and needles.

Bottom (not visible): portable easel, maps, greeting cards, paper and stickers.

Yarn and crochet/knitting supplies are in another closet downstairs.

I have a feeling you fellow crafters out there are saying – wow, that’s nothing – and I hope you are, because then I won’t feel so bad about buying more stuff. I’ll just have to rearrange the closet a little bit, that’s all.

What does your craft stash look like?

4 Replies to “Journey into my supply closet”

  1. I have two factors limiting my acquisition of craft supplies: 1) I live in an old house with not much closet space and 2) I have a husband who freaks out when I start spending big bucks on a project and a daughter who rats me out.

    Fortunately, my crafting impulse ebbs and flows. I get really into something (right now, I’m decoupaging old shoes) and then for months I don’t do anything.

    He would prefer that I do nothing but write since the published stuff brings in money and the unpublished stuff doesn’t cost anything.

  2. Hi Kinsey! My husband collects games and comics – so he can’t get away with too much complaining about my craft habit – though he tries. Decoupage is one thing I haven’t tired, but I have somem wooden boxes that would be great for it. Now you have me thinking…LOL

  3. Hi, Kinsey! I like decoupage too, but haven’t done much of it. One of my knitting books had a dress form covered in yarn ball bands decoupaged around it with a glossy finish; it looked really neat.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment!

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