Round Like a Triangle

I decided to try a triangular box, with more or less successful results.  A couple challenges presented themselves:

  • 3″ triangles
  • the grid on the triangles themselves
  • getting the rectangles to match up with the triangles
  • edge stitch

Taking them in order, the first issue is that the largest triangles I could find are 3″ on a side.  I checked the internet but that’s the largest one available that I could see.

I tried cutting the rectangular grids into a triangle, but the hypotenuse isn’t supported enough and it’s not straight.  It’s like cutting a diagonal line across a piece of graph paper.

Because the base is 3″, the box is only 3″ in size.  I decided to start with the lid and make it small. It worked well, as you can see, but then I got the idea to make the base very tall as an experiment:

I made the base much taller and I like how the base came out.  Unlike the square box, I made the base with the “right” side facing out, since the inside is so narrow.
The next problem from a design standpoint is that the grid on the triangular pieces isn’t square, it’s successive triangles.  
I decided to use a simple tent stitch on it, but it wasn’t easy to make it even and cover the plastic evenly.

The last two problems are part of each other.  The first was getting the rectangles I used for the sides to match up with the triangles.  It worked, sort of, but will take practice.  The second is what to use for the edges.  I used the edge stitching for the top of the box, pictured above.  For the bottom, I used simple overcast stitching.  The overcast stitching, which not as pretty, is much better to use for the project.

In all, it’s a successful experiment but I’m not as happy with the box as I want to be.  I’ll have to try it again and see what works better.

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