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Day Twenty-Three – RELEASE DAY!
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Today is the day, folks!  The tigers are coming!  The tigers are coming!  (Multiple times, if I know our writing ~snerk~)  I’m so excited to celebrate today, New Release Tuesday!

I have a post on the Samhain site for you – linkie – and I’m over at the Samhain Cafe talking about the book, coffee, dark chocolate, and sharing excerpts!

What is the Samhain Cafe, you ask?  Why, that’s the Yahoo Group dedicated to you wonderful readers, of course!  All you need to join is an email address and an account on Yahoo (which is free).  Head on over to the group – linkie – and join in the fun!

I’ve also got a post in the M/M Romance group on Facebook.  What’s that?  You didn’t know there’s a M/M Romance group on Facebook?  Well, check it out – linkie – and be prepared to be assimilated!  (Oops.  Wrong metaphor. ~grin~)

What else…  The BOOK, of course!  If you haven’t gotten yourself a copy, head on over to the Samhain bookstore and support your friendly authors!  LINKIE!

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