I am so excited!  Today I have a special treat for you, complete with a contest!  My buddy Shelley Munro is releasing her new book and agreed to do a guest post for you today.  Take it away, Shelley!

The Attack of the Dust Bunny


It’s the bane of my life, especially when there are so many other interesting things to do. The truth is when I’m in full writing-mode the housework goes by the wayside. Oh, I keep up on the washing since it’s easy enough to toss a load in the washer and let it chirp merrily through a cycle. The kitchen is also fairly tidy since we have limited space. The vacuuming and dusting, not so much.

Mr. Munro is very supportive, but sometimes even he’s horrified by the size of the dust bunnies that lurk in the corners of our house and scuttle under the beds. Mr. Munro says some have attacked him, but he’s been known to fib when it suits him. Just ask my father about Father’s Day and the bottle of bourbon…

I’ve been inside houses that are spotless and others that aren’t so clean. I think our house falls somewhere in the middle, and I’m happy with that position. Our grandmothers and great-grandmothers spent a lot more time doing housework than the average woman does today. Part of that is due to mod-cons and many women now working outside the home, but I’m sure glad times have changed. I couldn’t make a career out of housework.

I say let the dust bunnies have their fun in the corners while they may. I’ll slay them at some stage…

Julia Maxwell, the heroine in my latest release, Past Regrets, is a secretary turned strip club manager. She’s a busy lady these days, so I’m thinking that her dust bunnies and my dust bunnies would rival each other in size. Maybe they should get together and have a party, but heaven forbid if they go forth and multiply!!

Here’s the blurb for Past Regrets:

Never look back…unless that’s where your heart belongs.

Love and Friendship, Book 2

Julia Maxwell was a seize-the-moment party girl until the night she spent with up-and-coming rocker Ryan Callander. From that moment, she was a one-man woman. Pity he hasn’t kept with the program.

Tired of the secrets that have kept her out of the press and Ryan’s fans happy, angry with mounting evidence of infidelity, Julia is older, wiser, and determined to divorce his cheatin’ ass.

Ryan’s long European tour had more than its share of hard knocks—one of which landed on his head when he was mugged. Divorce papers waiting for him at home are a shock that fills in some of the holes in his sketchy memory. But it could be too late to salvage his marriage.

If Ryan thinks flirtatious smiles, seductive touches, and hot-and-heavy kisses are going to smooth things over, Julia’s got a hammer with his name on it. To her surprise, he picks it up, determined to rebuild a bright future for both of them. But the past is lurking with some missing pieces that could bring their hearts crashing down.

Product Warnings

Contains a pissed ex-stripper turned burlesque dancer, a bunch of nosy friends and a smooth-talking rocker with one thing on his mind. Stripper poles and skimpy costumes may be involved.

What say you about dust bunnies? Are they real or mythical creatures?

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Shelley Munro lives in New Zealand with her husband and a rambunctious puppy called Bella. She writes spicy romances for Carina Press, Ellora’s Cave and Samhain Publishing. To learn more about Shelley and her books visit her website.

8 thoughts on “Thursday Teatime: A Visit With Shelley Munro! – and a Contest!

  1. Thanks for having me to visit today 🙂

  2. Of course, Shelley! It’s my pleasure to have you!

  3. I definitely believe in dust bunnies. One of my three cats has rabbit soft fur that spawns really playful and evasive ones. I prefer plot bunnies, though. 🙂

    A book about rockstars is always good as far as I’m concerned. Write on, ladies!

  4. I want to know if Mr. Munro ever offers to take the vacuum cleaner for a spin while you’re working. 😉

    Maybe my dust bunnies can come visit your dust bunnies for a play-date.

  5. Darla – I much prefer plot bunnies too. Much more manageable!

    Sigh, I think our puppy could probably give your cats a run for their money.

    I like rockers too 🙂

  6. Actually, he shocked me the other day. Said he was bored and got out the vacuum cleaner. I told him I’m happy to suffer shock on a regular basis!

    Maria – I’m sure our dust bunnies would be the best of friends.

  7. It’s usually people with dogs and cats that get little dust bunnies but my rats shed too so I have dust bunnies sometimes as well. lol

  8. I don’t know about that. The dust bunnies seemed to keep us company when we were between dogs. 🙂
    Maybe they like their habitat?

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