Saturday Showcase – Me!

Now that we are moved and almost all settled in, (I unpacked the last box of books today!), I have knitting knews – and it’s HUGE!

I’m knitting again!

That’s right, sports fans, I started knitting again!  My carpal tunnel is still aching, but it’s subsided enough to let me do some gentle tasks.  I also started playing the piano again and am doing some finger-strengthening exercises from the Hanon book that are really helpful.  I’ve noticed my hands don’t ache as much and I’m getting strength back in my fingers, though I still get really numb.

Wow.  Get me talking about my hands and I sound like a little old lady.  “My bunions are…”  Yeah.  Shaddup and git ta tha good stuff!

I bought some very ridiculously expensive suri alpaca and Merino wool blend, one hank of cream and one of … hmm.  Mocha?  Sand?  Not sure.  It’s pretty, whatever it is, and beautiful to work with.  I wanted to do a pattern that set off the colors well so I settled on making a short stole with one of Barbara Walker’s patterns.  Take a look at how it’s coming along:

I figure it will be long enough to wrap around the neck like a collar and then be secured with a shawl pin or something similar.  I wish I had enough for tassels, because I think that would look cool, but there isn’t enough of the stuff unless I want to take it apart and make it more narrow.  I don’t really want to do that, so a pretty shawl pin (or maybe even a button) it is.

Stay tuned.  I have weaving journal pictures to share but I’ve been so busy with the move that I just haven’t had time.  What WILL you do without me?



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