I moved recently. If you’ve read my posts recently, this will not be news.  If you’re new here, welcome!  ~waves~  I’ve moved recently.

Yeah, I said that already.  Stress makes me repeat myself.

I moved… Just kidding.  But as part of that move, I got all out of whack with myself and my promotional calendar.  I’m in the process of climbing back on that horse and, apropos of that, have been wandering around the interwebs, looking for places to share the luv.

Well, today I hit the jackpot and have not one, not two, not three, but FOUR posts to share with you!  (I know I sound like a late-night television ad – “Don’t wait, call now and get TWO widgets for the price of one.”)  So, in an effort to spare you my move-inspired sense of humor, I shall get to the links:

First up, my friend and mentor Tina Holland invited me to be on her blog and I jumped on that one with all four feet!  Hell, I even borrowed feet to jump on it with.  With which to jump on it…  Whatever, I’m there.  I’m so excited!  She wanted to know more about what it’s like to write with a partner.  Come on by!  The Clog Blog

Next up, we have my regular monthly post for Beyond the Veil.  I have to laugh – I started to write it and realized I’d started writing to next month’s theme.  Oops.  I went with it, though, and give you ‘Dem Bones, ‘Dem Bones…

As rarely happens, my regular post for Torquere Press’s LiveJournal coincided with my Beyond the Veil post, which is why I have FOUR offerings today instead of one.  Lucky you!

My first journal post is about searching for the magic formula that makes a short story something special.  (Wow!  Look at that accidental alliteration.)  Seeking Short!

My second journal post is about music, writing, and inspiration.  I share some of my favorite musicians that inspired the Persis Chronicles.  The Music of Persis.  Check it out!

Thank you for visiting!

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