Stashbusting – The Jewel Scarf

I have named my little scarf:  I shall call it, mini-scarf.  No, kidding.  The Jewel Scarf.  Why?  There aren’t any jewels in it, and no beads, but the colors are shiny and remind me of jewels.  Ergo, the jewel scarf.

Sadly, since it’s metallic, it’s tough to photograph because the lighting gets wonky; here’s another shot with the flash so you can see it a little better.

This pattern is kicking my butt, though.  It’s deceptively simple:  Row 1, K1, *YO, S1 WYIB, K1, PSSO*, K1.  Easy peasy, right?

Okay, if you don’t read knit-speak:  Row 1, Knit the first stitch, then the pattern repeat is:  yarn over, slip one with yarn in back, knit 1, pass the slipped stitch over the knitted stitch, repeat until only one stitch remains; then knit 1.

The purl row is identical, just with purls instead of knits.

That’s where the problem is – I keep forgetting to slip that first stitch, or I forget the yarn over, or I end up with 3 extra stitches by the time I realize I have a mistake.  I’ve pulled this silly scarf out about five times so far and am about ready to throw my shoe at it.  Today I seem to have gotten it, though, as you can see.

Stashbusting, I’ve got your number.  🙂

What are you knitting?  (Or crocheting?)  (Or making?)

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