Organizing Tips for Crafters – Project Binder

Have you come across a project you made and wish you remember what yarn or needles you used?  Or, worse, given something away as a gift, only to realize you kept no record of what you made – but then you want to reproduce it?

There are fancy knitting journals that one can buy but I find them inadequate to my needs because the space is so small in which to make notes.  Instead, I prefer to use 3-ring binders with sheet protectors.

The 3-ring binders allow you to customize the size for the project.  I typically use letter-size binders because a) they’re less expensive than odd-size binders and b) they fit on my shelf in a uniform fashion.  I then use sheet protectors inside and instead of putting paper in the sheet protector, I put a sample of the project, such as the swatch, or a bit of leftover yarn if I didn’t have enough to keep the swatch (such as with an expensive luxury yarn).

I can also put notes on the project in the sheet protector with it.  I can type up the project and even put pictures.  I’ll admit, I haven’t gotten that far and right now it’s just my notes, sometimes even scribbled on the back of an envelope, but I can’t tell you how valuable this is a year or two later when I want to remember what exactly I made.  It also serves as a scrapbook so I can see where I am now in relation to before.

What do you use to organize your projects?

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