A to Z Challenge – Do You Haz It?

My buddy Jennifer Fischetto posted on Romance Divas that she was considering doing the April A to Z Blogging Challenge.  The challenge, in brief, is to write a post for each day except Sunday, and that each post has an alphabetical theme.  So the first is A, the second is B, and so on.

I figure, what the heck; this sounds fun!  Join me?

Write on!

6 Replies to “A to Z Challenge – Do You Haz It?”

  1. Hi Catherine – I’ve come over from Tina, one of the co-hosts, to welcome you to the A-Z 2014 ..


    I hope you’re geared up for it?! If you’ve any questions please feel free to send them across to Tina or I …

    You’ve got the badge up, which I regret to say is more than I’ve done .. and I must!

    Congratulations on your books too .. all the best Hilary

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