A to Z Challenge, Day 7: G Is For Gardening


One thing about the weather here, though.  Me, I grew up in California.  If you want a garden or a lawn, you need a sprinkler system.  It’s a subject of humor to see sprinklers running in the daytime when the heat of the sun is blazing down.  You can also see sprinklers watering the asphalt sometimes.

When I moved here to Chicago over fifteen years ago, I visited a friend at his home.  His lawn was a lovely, even green – and I couldn’t see a single sprinkler!

“Wow,” I said.  “Did you install a hidden sprinkler system or drip?”

He looked puzzled.  “Sprinklers?”

“For the lawn!”

“There are no sprinklers.”  Superior tone.  “We don’t need them here.”

Huh.  Imagine that.

What surprises you about your region’s gardening?

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  1. That picture really made me laugh out loud, I like your subject matters, interesting, a nice read 🙂 Hello from another A-Z blogger, are you writing these all on spec or got them organised beforehand?

  2. Hi, Justine! Thank you for taking the time to stop by and comment!

    I love lolcats and loldogs, and use a lot of their images for my posts because the images are free for me to use. (My husband’s a professional photographer, so I’ve gotten lessons in proper use of images on one’s blogs.) I wrote my first 9 posts ahead of time, because my coauthor is in town for a visit and I knew I wouldn’t have the time. I didn’t have an overall theme when I started, other than the theme of the blogs (I’m doing two challenges, one here and one on our Noon and Wilder blog). This blog is more “me,” general and multi-faceted. Noon and Wilder is more writing and craft related, so I try to focus the topics there on the writing process (today’s theme, for example, is publisher galleys and what they are).

    What about you? Do you know what your themes are ahead of time, or do you fly by the seat of your pants?

  3. I’m amazed at how micro-climates can be found in different areas of the yard. The plot along our garage’s southern facing brick wall and the spot near the front door provide considerably warmer shelter. And the resilience of my perennials, trees, and shrubs (not to mention local wildlife) after the brutally cold winter astonishes me!

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