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A to Z Challenge, Day 10: J Is For Jewelry

Earrings.  Left hand, wedding ring.  Right hand, writing ring.  Bracelets.  Sometimes a necklace.  That’s the work uniform.

Then I found these huge dangle earrings with peacocks on them at my belly dancing school (Arabesque, well worth checking out!).  They’re so big they’re ridiculous, especially given that right now I have really long hair and my hair is blond.  I adore them, stereotypes be damned.  And then I found this awesome red and purple ring that I even wore in my new author picture.

It ridiculous too, but I’ve been known to sneak it into my office and wear it during my day job.  Haven’t done that with the earrings yet, but I’m sorely tempted.  I feel like Jeremy from the Rats of N.I.M.H. – I love sparklies!

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  1. I have a heavy gold ring in a fat star shape with a fake diamond in the middle. It looks like something a superherione would wear and I call it ‘my ring of power! ‘ and save it for tough days at work.

    1. Wow, that’s awesome. I love the idea of the ring of power! 🙂