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A to Z Challenge, Day 13: M Is For Money

Money.  la la la  (Think Pink Floyd.)  (If you don’t know who they are, then I give up.)  ANYway, where was I?  Money!  la la la…

Today, in the States, it’s Tax Day – time to pay the tax man or time to get money back from the tax man.  (I hope you’re in the former and not the latter group.  If you are, I’m with you – we owed this year. Poop.)

Money’s pretty fascinating stuff.  There are three things that make money, money.  The IMF (International Monetary Fund) has them on their site:

In short, money can be anything that can serve as a
• store of value, which means people can save it and use it later—smoothing their purchases over time;
• unit of account, that is, provide a common base for prices; or
• medium of exchange, something that people can use to buy and sell from one another.
From “Back to Basics: What Is Money?

I came across an awesome article by Glyn Davies called “A History of Money From Ancient Times to the Present Day” that’s worth checking out – and after you read it, think hard about bit coins and whether an unregulated currency is really such a good idea.

What’s your favorite thing about money?

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  1. I follow my grandmother’s advice. Never spend more than you can afford. Always pay your taxes. Share what you can with those who need help. She was pretty simple in her view of money. I liked that.

    1. I really like your grandmother’s advice. Smart lady. I think that makes a lot of sense.

  2. My favourite thing about money is spending it.



    What? Is that the wrong answer? LOL

    1. LOL! Actually, I call my budget my “spending plan,” because “budget” feels negative and punitive and makes me not want to do it.

  3. Lee’s grandmother was smart! Debt is not fun. Nor smart.

    1. Agreed. It’s necessary in some ways (I remember one of my MBA classes about “the appropriate use of debt” and being startled there was ever an appropriate use of it. But consumer debt is a real anchor around our necks.

  4. Favorite thing about money has to be the fun I can have spending it!

    1. Ha! Good point. One what would you spend it?

    2. A long camping trip!

    3. Oooh. That sounds lovely. Mountains or flatlands?

    4. I usually go for mountains, but we’re thinking about trying beach camping this year.

    5. If you’re in the States and going to the left coast, try along Malibu. Farther north can be beautiful but dangerous, due to the undertow. If you’re in the Midwest, Michigan has some lovely beaches and camping, though it’s cold until about August. Not real familiar with east coast, though Maine is lovely. Hope you have an awesome time!

  5. I’m not greedy. I don’t want alot of money- I just want enough!

    1. Ha. Agreed!

  6. I appreciate a paraphrase from the book of Proverbs: …give me neither poverty nor riches; lest I be full and deny thee, and say, “Who is the Lord” or lest I be poor, and steal, and defy my God.

    Otherwise, I’d like a beach house for the spring and fall, a city home for the winter, and a cool mountain retreat for summertime heat. ~grin~ I’m not too greedy, I hope. After all, North Carolina would suffice for all three.