A to Z Challenge, Day 14: N Is For Noonhour

This is my favorite Noonhour episode.  I read one of the pieces I wrote for the March FADness competition, which was a new prompt each day in the month of March.  That month I wrote 31 different flash fiction pieces along with two Flash Fiction Carnival pieces – it was a great month.  I had a ball, wrote a ton of new material, and now have a body of work from which I can create more podcasts.  Win-win.  🙂

Of all the things you’ve done creatively, what makes you nostalgic?  What are you glad to have made?

One Reply to “A to Z Challenge, Day 14: N Is For Noonhour”

  1. What an amazing accomplishment! I’ve lately realized that there have been numerous crafts tackled through my lifetime, singular free-form projects like designing a wreath or decorating a shadowbox (nothing you’d take a class for, incidentally). I’m actually nostalgic over the period when I wrote a short story series like a possessed person, even editing while on a NordicTrack or sitting in traffic.

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