A to Z Challenge, Day 18: R Is For Rachel

Rachel.  My muse, my boss, and my taskmistress.  She dragged my ass all over Goose Island, wandering up and down every street twice – but not the Division Street bridge (because that went off the island, see).  When I finally did go across the bridge she looked at me, puzzled.  “Did you just go over this bridge so you could see where it went?”

Duh.  The map might be wrong.


To whom would you shout out a loud “Thank you, you’re awesome”?  Please, tell me in the comments and share the love!

5 Replies to “A to Z Challenge, Day 18: R Is For Rachel”

  1. Aww thank you. For those that are curious, we are at the Goose Island Pub and Brewery taking their tour. Ah, what we do in the name of research. It turns out, that the favorite beer our character was going to drink, they stopped serving two years ago !

  2. I would have to say that A. Catherine Noon and Rachel Wilder are two of the most awesome cheerleaders I know. You both offer terrific advice, inspiration, and never fail to boost my self-worth. Thank you!!!

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