Those of you who have been with me a while know that I’m superstitious about carrying my umbrella everywhere.  It hasn’t rained in a while, because our winter was too flippin’ cold for rain, but this week we got our rain forecast.  Sure enough, Monday evening it was supposed to rain.  Started early, too; around 5:30 instead of 8 like they said on the news (thereby proving my point that the weatherperples don’t know what the buzz they’re talking about, but that’s a different post).

ANYway, so I carry my umbrella, right?  Yup.  In my backpack with a cute little cover.  Glad I had it Monday, on account of it was, you know, raining.  For the first time in weeks.

I left the house yesterday, which for you math whizzes means yesterday, and guess what?

I forgotted my umbrellaz!  Oh noes!

Just goes to show you.  You break your own rules, you end up riding a bike with a baby seat turned upside down on your head.  Srsly.

What important piece of equipment do you make sure you carry with you everywhere?

7 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge, Day 21: U Is For Umbrella

  1. Haha! Now there’s some real ingenuity at work!

    When I leave for work, my husband asks me, “Are you moving out?” lol. My laptop, my Kindle, my camera, my cellphone. I carry an umbrella in my car. Yep, I move out in the morning and back in each evening.

    1. Ha! My dad used to tease me about that too. Too many heavy things in a bag.

      But hey. I’m always the one folks ask for stuff. “Kleenex?” Check. “Nail file?” Check. “Kitchen sink?” Check.

  2. LOL – isn’t that typical? I always carry an umbrella with me too, but we have a lot of strong winds, which renders the umbrella pretty useless. If you’re not careful it’s off like Mary Poppins and without the graceful landing!!

    Shelley Munro

    1. Do you get Hammacher Schlemmer Down Under? If so, their Windbrella is awesome. I actually do own one, though it doesn’t fit in my backpack; now that I no longer work downtown where it’s REALLY windy, I don’t really need it. But if you’re finding yourself blown away, try this:

      It’s fun seeing you again; I remember trading comments during Thursday 13 and I’ve missed you!

  3. OMG that pic you found- and you now somebody saw it and thought it was a great idea and wanted one~!

    1. I think someone must have invented it. And as funny as it looks, it does seem like a good idea, except that it’s not wide enough and your butt would get wet. 😉

  4. I downsized my purse a long time ago but carried a laptop bag to work for years. It held not only the laptop but also my Kindle Fire, iPod, headphones, and of course lots of story print-outs so I could edit my writing while at traffic lights. Fun post!

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