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A to Z Challenge, Day 24: X Is For X-Ray

The development of X-Ray technology meant that we could look inside things.  This revolutionized all sorts of things, from medicine to astronomy.

But I’m not going to talk about X-Rays in specific; I’m going to talk about the Scanning Electron Microscope!

While the SEM doesn’t use X-Rays to see stuff, it actually uses electrons to bombard an object and then take a picture, it’s a tool that allows us to see the surface of really small stuff – which is almost as cool as seeing inside stuff!

Pumping Station: One has the only working SEM in the country, that we’re aware of, that members of the public can see and that members of Pumping Station: One can be trained to use – and just for the price of a membership, which is only $40 or $70 a month depending on the level of membership you select.

Curious?  Check out more at our website, here.

What tool would you love to play with, that’s usually at big fancy institutions or in another part of the world from you right now?

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  1. Very cool that Pumping Station has something like this that every-day people can learn and use.
    And I love the pic!

    1. Thank you! Every time I pack, the cats try to get in the suitcase.

      And I agree; it’s awesome to have access to the SEM!

  2. Ooh, gadgets! We’re just starting to see those three-dimensional printers and I’d love to try out one of those. A replicator of some description would be good.

    Shelley Munro

    1. The 3-D printers are fun. I have a couple egg-cups that one of my buddies made for me on it. 🙂

  3. You know, I honestly would love a plain old microscope to see simple things like hydra from a freshwater pond. Pumping Station sounds really amazing.