Release Day – Launching the Open the Seal Blog Book Tour!

I am so excited!  Today is the release day for Sealed by Fire, our first novel with LooseId LLC.  The cover art is phenomenal, as you can see, and we’re stoked to be part of the LooseId author community.  Some of the biggest names in romantic fiction work with them and we’re thrilled to count ourselves among that number.

Here are five things to be excited about for today’s release day:

  1. The book is out!  (You HAD to see that one comin’, I mean, come on.)
  2. The book is… Just kidding.  But the fact that we see our names on the cover and that it’s available on the LooseId website still gives me chills.  So aside from the fact it’s available for purchase, just the simple fact that it’s there is shiver-worthy – “we wrote that!”
  3. Every book is a team effort.  Our editor Jana, the cover artist Valerie Tibbs, and the whole team at LooseId made this a reality – thank you!
  4. We streamlined the character list from the original manuscript, which makes this book a lot tighter AND gives us more characters for whom to write sequels.  (Yes, that is a blatant plug – grin.)
  5. The book is out!  Check it out on the LooseId website and enjoy!
What exciting news do you have this month?  I’d love to know; please share with me in the comments.

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