Open the Seal Blog Book Tour – Day Two – Bestseller!

Wow.  Thank you, Dear Readers, for making SEALED BY FIRE a bestseller on All Romance eBooks its fourth day out!  We’re grateful to you all for your support and plan to continue writing the best stories that we can.

On today’s second day of our blog tour, I wanted to share a funny story with you about the writing of this book. See, it goes like this:

Rachel: “Um, Noony? You have Nash’s eyes this color in Chapter Two.”

Me:  “Yeah…”

Rachel: “But they’re not.”

Me.  ~blink~  “But…”

Rachel:  “They’re a specific color, you know.”

Me. “Yes, dear, I know that.”

Rachel:  “Then how come in Chapter Seven they’re this other color?”

Me:  ~blink again~  “Because magic?” ~big grin~

Rachel: “And Jordan drives a Bronco.”

Me:  “Oh.”  ~thinks~  “Maybe we need a list.”

Rachel:  “Yes!”

See, Rachel is the list-maker of the two of us.  I’m the right-brained, non-sequential of us.  This makes us a really strong team because our skills complement each other.  But occasionally I’m reminded why lists are useful.  Like, say, with eye color or our characters’ cars.

What skills are you glad your best friend has, so that it keeps you on track?

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