Sunday Box Talk: Gardening

I’m over at the lovely Nice Girls Writing Naughty blog today with a recipe for Mint Syrup.  It’s the last day of our contest, so please stop by and enter to win several awesome prizes, including a book from yours truly AND a gift certificate for $50 USD.

Apropos of that, I thought I’d chat about gardening a bit for today’s Sunday Box Talk.

I saw a button once that said, “Gardeners plant gardens to relax and then spend all their time working in them.”  There’s a lot of wisdom in this saying.  The “in the moment-ness” of gardening, or any hobby, is what provides its sense of peace and “now-ness.”  By tending to the garden, we tend to ourselves and allow our bodies to experience grounding in a literal sense as we play in the dirt.

Do you garden? Even a potted plant can be magical if approached with the right mindset.  It’s a lot cheaper to by a pathos plan than it is to pour a drink, and the plant won’t pack on the pounds or make your mind fuzzy.

If you garden, what’s your favorite plant? If you don’t, yet, what would you like to have growing in your daily round?

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