So, I’ve been on a major yarn hiatus.  I’ve been doing calligraphy like a madwoman; I’m filling notebooks with the stuff (and no, that’s not a typo; yes, I mean more than one).  Let’s just say I had to order a second set of practice markers because I used up the ink in the first set.  See what I mean?

But I’m feeling the bug again.  I’m beginning to see that this is part of my normal pattern (which only took me fourteen years to figure out, but let’s not go there, kthxbi).  I seem to set knitting aside around May or June and pick it up around September or October.

We celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary this year – yay! – and went down to southern Illinois and St. Louis to poke around.  One of the shops had some lovely Lana de Oro and I had to get some.  I’m thinking socks.  50% wool, 50% alpaca.  Michael picked heather grey, I picked heather lavender:

The lavender has bits of other colors in it, more as shading than a true ombre.

The lighting is weird because I took these outside.  I tried to get a close-up and the camera changed the coloring.  Sigh.  Must.learn.Photoshop.

Can you tell I’ve been playing with the grey hank?  ~blush~  But this is the grey with the lavender; I’m thinking that I’ll use a small mosaic in the cuff of each sock in the opposite color.

It’s really not as pink as it seems in this picture.  But I’m excited.  I may even use the toe-up technique, though I think I should do the first set with practice yarn first.  We shall see.

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