Two for Thursday!

Happy Thursday!  I know, I know my post title doesn’t rhyme.  Par for my week.  The heat went out at our building last night, so my brain hasn’t thawed yet.  I’m applying liberal servings of coffee.

I have two posts for you today!  One is by me, ~waves~, because I’m over at Beyond the Veil today talking about – what else – NaNoWriMo!

The second thing I have for you is a chance to win prizes! Woot! My buddy Dani Wade is up at the Nice Girls Writing Naughty blog today with some tips on staying the course – if you’re feeling discouraged, this post is a great pick-me-up. Plus, she’s giving away a prize to one lucky commenter – AND you will be entered to win our grand prize of $25 USD to All Romance eBooks.

Happy reading!

2 Replies to “Two for Thursday!”

    1. Thank you! The furnace man is coming today between 4 and 5, so I’m leaving work early to wait for him. This way, the dog won’t eat him when he comes. To celebrate, I have dishes and laundry to do. Woot. And werds. Lots and lots of werds.

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