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BurningBright300I’m with Neal Harrison today, the star of BURNING BRIGHT by me, A. Catherine Noon, and my partner in crime, Rachel Wilder.  We figured, since it’s the holidays, we’d find out a little more about what our favorite Dom does when the mistletoe is overhead and eggnog perfumes the air.

ACN:  Welcome to NGWN, Neal!

NH:  Glad to be here!

ACN:  So, I read that you have a mixed-religion household.  How does that affect your celebration of the holidays?

NH:  We celebrate Christmas as an American holiday, since it’s become so consumerized and is in all the stores and stuff.  My family wasn’t super religious growing up, so it didn’t loom very large for us.  Doc is Wiccan, so he celebrates the Winter Soltice, or Yule.  Steve is Christian and likes to meditate and retreat from the world.

Steve pokes his head into the room:  I heard that!

NH:  I know you did, big guy, that’s why I said it!

ACN:  Gentlemen, gentlemen, one at a time, please.

NH:  But you wrote us multiple men at a time, we figured that’s –

ACN: MOVING RIGHT ALONG NOW.  So tell me, what did you get as gifts for Doc and Steve?

NH:  I haven’t yet.

ACN:  Really?  But you seem so organized and buttoned-up in the book!

NH:  Appearances can be deceiving.  It’s only the 11th.  There’s plenty of time.

Steve hollers from the hallway:  I’ve already got presents for everyone!

NH:  Yeah, and they’re probably already wrapped and hidden.  Wait til I tell Doc where your hiding place is!

ACN:  Now, now, that’s not fair.  You’ll ruin the surprise.

NH:  Yeah, but then I can get some ideas.  ~He grins~

ACN:  Do you have any special menu plans for the holidays?

NH:  Yes.  We called the special menu “Holidaze.”  We’ll be serving Hot Buttered Rum from the 20th through New Year’s Eve.  It’s an old secret family recipe.

ACN:  Wow, that sounds really yummy!

NH:  Thank you.  If your readers would like to find out more about me and my restaurant, they can check out BURNING BRIGHT, available now from wherever fine books are sold.

ACN:  Happy holidays to you and yours!

To win a copy of BURNING BRIGHT of your very own, just in time for the holidays, tell me in the comments:
What is your favorite holiday beverage (alcoholic or not)?

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4 Replies to “Home for the Holidaze”

  1. A great, fun interview! 😉
    My favorite holiday drink is peppermint milkshakes. They only make them during this time of year and are delicious!
    I hope you have a wonderful holiday season! 😀

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