Make Something Monday: Craftsy Is My New Favorite Thing

I have discovered the joys of Craftsy, an online school for crafting. They have fiber arts, paper arts, photography, even woodshop. I’m having a ball!

The other day, I discovered one of their Halloween kits on sale for 80% off. Wowsers. It was the Halloween Decor Kit.  Not only did it come with supplies, it came with a class on how to make stuff with the supplies.  I decided to give it a shot!

My completed banner.  Is it Halloween yet?

We learned layering and creating interest with disconnected patterns of paper.  We used paper tape with a pattern so that everything would be tied together, and I even took a risk and let stuff come together asymmetrically!

Detail of Banner: The “S” and “P” panels

In this one, you can see the polka dotted paper tape that ties the panels together – and, incidentally, reinforces the paper at the holes we punch in to thread the cording through.  I used orange mercerized cotton from a recent weaving project.

Detail of Banner:  The “P” and first “O” panels – is that a design off the side?

I took a creative risk when I made these and actually had parts of the collage jut off the side of the panel.  Dare we take creative risks?

Detail of Banner:  The second “O” panel as well as “K” and “Y”.

I became more daring as I progressed through the pieces.  I used a Permanent Glue Stick from Avery for gluing the pieces; it was a very low-stress, clean way to glue things together.

The completed banner with the mini pieces that will help add interest to the banner.

I love how all the colors go together and have a common theme!

All stacked up and ready to be put away, awaiting Halloween next year.  ~sad~

Okay, now I’m ready for Halloween to come right now!

If you haven’t checked out Craftsy before, you should totally toddle on over there.  They have some really neat classes, even some for free so you can decide if you like the platform.  They have regular sales, too, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled.  And best of all?  You can post pictures of your projects to share with other crafters!

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