Sunday Box Talk – Questions and Answers

Morning Pages In the Garden With Coffee
Image © 2013, A. Catherine Noon

I’m sure I’m not alone during this time of year in wondering what new beginnings are occurring and what things to leave behind in the old year.

There are years that ask questions and years that answer.
Zora Neale Hurston

I think it’s important to not be so quick to demand answers.  Finding the right questions is important, particularly if we are to get to the answers that will help us.  Our society has become impatient with not knowing; we assume the answer is always on the internet.  It’s become common to say, “Just google it,” and the company name has become synonymous with finding answers.

The important questions aren’t so easily remedied.  Take “Who am I?” for example.  That’s not something one can google.  It’s also not something we can easily answer with a pat recitation of our name, birth date and serial number.  Sometimes the answer can take a lifetime, and sometimes we can live for decades without knowing that we don’t, in fact, know the answer and haven’t yet really asked the question.

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