A Writer In Her Library – The Shape of the Whole
The Library at Chez Noony
Or, The Ladybug Bed and Breakfast Dining Room and Reading Nook

I spent much of December and all of New Year’s Day organizing my library.  I put everything in order by topic, and then alphabetical by author.  As I did so, I started to realize something:  my library is a clue to myself.  As I am exploring new diary techniques and autobiographical writing, organizing my possessions, and more particularly my books, has been a window that looks into the world about which I’m writing.

I can trace my own development as an adult through my books.  There are the ones I have from my first university degree; Russian, philosophy, metaphysics, Wicca, and astronomy.  Then there are my travel books and books about hiking – how to do it and where to explore.  I have a startling number of personal productivity books – Covey and Smith, of course, but lesser-known authors as well.  Personal finance features largely even before my MBA books, and I had a blast of nostalgia when I found my macroeconomics book, the first course I had to take as a prerequisite when I started my MBA.

There’s also the material I collected when working on my unfinished master herbalist coursework, aromatherapy science, and cooking.  I have a huge home section, and not just on decorating the home – how to buy it, what to do when things go wrong, how stuff works in it, how to remodel it, and even how to entertain in it – and more than one entertaining book, too.  I even have a book on how to be a blonde (don’t ask, it was at a used book sale and made me laugh, which was worth it for the dollar it cost to buy).

As I explore my own mind, and give myself permission to tell my own story and not the ones that were handed to me to cover the facts, I find that my library is a comfort to me.  I enjoy sitting in the Ugli Chair and looking around at the books.  I imagine staying in there for days, leaving only to use the restroom or get food and water, and that image is one that’s exciting.  A retreat from the world to think and contemplate and read and write?  What could be more fun?

Excuse me, but I think I’ll go sit in there for a while before I go to bed.  But before I go, I have a question for you, Dear Reader:

What are your favorite topics about which to read?

6 thoughts on “A Writer In Her Library – The Shape of the Whole

  1. I’m so glad that a wondrous comfort emerged from what could have been merely a tedious chore. Now that’s an accomplishment!

    My favorite topics vary tremendously, but I want to be drawn into another reality more than learn how to do anything. ~blush~ Biographical material is a recurring staple while science fiction, fantasy, horror, erotica, and romance seem to be cyclical. One good story might lead to more by that author or an advertisement in the back will catch my eye. Of course, Noon and Wilder stories definitely keep me coming back for more.

    1. Aww. Thank you! And I don’t think blushing is needed for one’s love of fiction. Fiction is some of the best writing around! I have a large collection of it myself. I just happen to be a non-fiction kick right now, but that’s a pendular thing. I’m a confirmed bookworm. 🙂

  2. I love history books- and I admit it the ones woth big glossy colored pictures. I’m glad organizing things helped ground you and you can enjoy your retreat now without guilt that you should be moving things around rather than sitting and zen-ing.

    1. I agree. Sitting and zenning definitely needs more time in my daily round.

  3. Heather says:

    Love seeing your library!

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