Manic Monday – Startcher Engines!

It’s Monday!  I feel like I should say something uber-motivating, that makes us all jump out of our chairs and make something massively awesome.

Feel motivated yet?  πŸ™‚

We’re almost ready to go live on the new site.  I’m so excited.  It’ll have a home for my blog (i.e. this one) and my Knoontime Knitting blog, as well as a section for books and promo stuff and bio and everything.  I feel like such a little kid.

Every iteration of my online presence has brought new things to learn and new fun stuff to play with.  This time, it means I’ll be leaving my beloved Blogger platform behind and migrating to WordPress.  The coolness of the website functionality overwhelmed the familiarity and ease-of-use of Blogger, so that’s ultimately what made the decision easy.  You won’t notice much of a difference in terms of what you can do on the blog, meaning you’ll still be able to comment and share stuff, but on the back-end it makes it much easier for me and my webmistress.

I have some neat newsy items for you today, as well:

First, my workshop “Unleashing the Creator Within” is in full swing over at Coffee Time Romance.

While it started on the 1st, you’re very welcome even now, at the mid-point.  We’re having a lot of fun with some non-traditional tools like music and word art.

Second, the BDSM-a-palooza is from Feb 17th to the 19th at the Smutketeers!  I’m participating with 50 other fabulous authors and the amazing ladies of the Smutketeers – there will be daily prizes, a grand prize with gifts from all of us, and more fun than you can shake a whip at.

Dark Beauty - Sexy Woman in Lingerie lying on Black Couch

Third, the Nice Girls Writing Naughty will be hosting a very special event – Fantasy Date Night with the Nice Girls and their friends, Feb 21st, on our Facebook group from 6:00p to 11:00p Eastern Standard Time.  I’ll be teaching at that time, so I can’t join you, but I know you’ll have a ton of fun without me – just save me some chocolates and a date, and we’ll be fine.  ~grin~

Happy Monday!

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