A Is For… A. Catherine Noon! (Of course…)

Noony-ThumbnailWelcome to day one of the A-Z Blog Challenge.  I’m your host for this stop on the tour, A. Catherine Noon.  I’m glad you’re here!

I’m an author, which you may have guessed by my site.  I love to write.  I wrote my first story at the age of nine and I’ve written essays, novels, poems, short stories – you name it.  I’d write on walls if I didn’t get dirty looks from people.  (Okay, maybe not really the walls.)  (Unless I had permission.)  Together with my coauthor, Rachel Wilder, we write as the duo Noon and Wilder and have several books out – and more on the way.

But I digress.  Writing is, for me, as necessary as breathing.  It’s become more than a way to communicate.  It has, quite literally, saved my life and given me a life worth living.  But that’s not my only passion.  I adore music and have played piano my whole life.  I love to sing and can play a pretty passable recorder.  My guitar skills, however, are sadly undeveloped.  Someday I’ll invent a machine that gives me more than 24 hours in a day – or that lets me pursue my passions full time without the bothersome necessity of earning a living so I can pay my rent.

I discovered knitting in the year 2000, coinciding with the Millenium.  My mother died that year and knitting gave me a way to express myself that didn’t involve having to articulate anything.  I could grieve and process in silence.  Since then, knitting has become a beloved art form and I’ve joined the happy conspiracy of avid textile addicts.

What about you, Dear Reader?
What brings you to the A-Z Blog Challenge?

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