C Is For… Calligraphy
Image Copyright 2015 by A. Catherine Noon All Rights Reserved

Before the printing press, there were pens and paper.  The art of calligraphy is from the Greek, Kallos graphos, or beautiful writing.  Like the printing press, there’s an ancient history of calligraphy in Asia, and it’s even tied to meditation practices.

I discovered calligraphy when I was about ten years old, when one of my classmates’ handwriting caught my eye.  She wrote so beautifully, letters that were even and round on the page.  I studied her writing for four years, endeavoring to copy it.  I finally succeeded and, in the process, discovered the art of calligraphy.  The Scheaffer calligraphy set that I was given as a gift opened a new world to me.

Despite becoming good at it, I dropped its pursuit in college due to family opinion that I should focus on college and the necessity of making a living.  About eighteen months ago, I re-discovered the art.  The technology in felt-tipped pens is much better than when I was young.  In particular, my favorite is the Zig brand double-tipped pen.  I found a set of six of them and played for a few months, before buying one of each of the colors available.

What about you, Dear Reader?
What art did you play with as a child that you have picked up, or might like to, as an adult?

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