D Is For… Dogs
Bedface, or My Name Is Coyote and This Is Mah Bed
Bedface, or My Name Is Coyote and This Is Mah Bed

Dogs, and the people who love them.  If you love dogs, then you get it.  If you don’t, then you don’t.  It’s that simple, really.

Our sixty-five-pound bundle of joy came to us eight years ago from the Anti-Cruelty Society in Chicago.  She’s gotten comfortable as a part of our family.  She likes to take her half of the bed out of the middle, leaving my husband and I to find what space we can in the remaining spaces.

Author Lynda Barry, who wrote What It Is, suggests thinking about all the dogs you’ve ever known.  Where did they all go?  That question rang like a bell to me.  I’ve used it a couple times in prompt circles and the memories come back more strongly each time.

What about you, Dear Reader?
What’s your first dog memory?

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