F Is For… Ferry

Ferries are a trip.  Their wide bottoms make them stable in the water, so it’s unlikely they’ll capsize.  I’ve been on two, so far; the one pictured above is the Bainbridge Island ferry off the Sound from Seattle.  The other one was on Lake Erie, across its choppy water.

2015-04 Pic

Very choppy.  ~shudder~  That’s not my picture, obviously, since I was on the ferry; however, it sure felt like that when we rode it.  I’m sure it wasn’t actually that bad, as I don’t actually remember water coming over the bow of the boat.

I like the ideas of ferries in principle; they sound so romantic.  Traveling on a slow-moving, graceful conveyance over miles of water, gazing at the landscape rolling by…

What about you, Dear Reader?  What type of transportation have you been on that was less thrilling than you imagined it?

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