H Is For… Home Design!


Used book sales are a lot of fun, because you can find all sorts of things that are now out of print.  I have several collections of different subjects, and one of them is what I’ve decided to call, Home Design.  A while back I did a series about redesigning my home library, and how the shape of the subjects my husband and I collected told me something about us in the same way an autobiographical sketch might.



I have a mix between practical how-to books and design books.  I differentiate those by whether they tell me how to achieve a particular aesthetic (design) or how to make or fix something (how-to).  I also found that I have a fascination with how to manage a home; things as varied as a housekeeping manual (I have several) to how things in the home work (which is the actual title of one of the books).

In my fiction, I have found recurring themes of Home and Belonging.  The two are related:  how to create that home where one can feel a sense of belonging, and how to find that home in terms of stories and allegories.  It’s cropped up in fiction, poetry, and apparently, on my shelves.

What about you, Dear Reader?
What are some of the subjects that you have on your shelves, or like to read?

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