2010-03-15 Silk Scarf Detail with Bead

Jewelry.  It works as adornment, identification, religion, art… It fulfills many different purposes, depending on its creator’s intent.  Me, I like playing with sparkly stuff.  This lovely bead is from a local bead shop and it took me hours to find just the right one.  I wanted something to match the scarf I’d made, which is a lace pattern.  I’m using the beads on the ends, like tassels.

That’s what intrigues me: making ordinary objects, like scarves and bags, beautiful.  I love the idea of knitted bracelets with beads incorporated into the design.  I’ve even got an idea for a lace shawl in forest-green mohair with multi-colored iridescent beads.

What about you, Dear Reader?
What are your favorite kinds of jewelry?


2 thoughts on “J Is For… Jewelry

  1. Ooh, my favorite jewelry must be earrings, though I do not always wear them if planning to use my nice new music headphones. ~grin~ So glad I can leave a comment now on your awesome blog!

    1. Thank you, Darla! I’m so pleased you’re here, too. I hope this will work as a solution; I was getting tired of the Russian Cialis peddlers peppering my site with pernicious spam. (Love the alliteration, heh.) I like earrings too! Especially sparkly ones.

      Happy blogging!

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