L Is For… Lace!


I’m doing another dual post today, this time on lace.  I adore lace – doilies make me swoon.  When I was little, I would get those little doilies they give you under coffee cups and color them in.  I know, lace is traditionally white or a single color, (who doesn’t shiver at the idea of romantic black lace and stockings?).  But me?  I adore color.

I learned how to do what’s actually called “faggoting,” no lie, and despite the unfortunate name it’s a lovely technique.  It’s got the advantage of being super easy to work, too, which is great if you, like me, are a gerbil-brained knitter who doesn’t want to have to concentrate on long, drawn out lines of instruction and repeat this, yarn over that.  The lace above, for example, is Turkish stitch – it’s got one – count it, one! – row repeat!  It has a grand total of three – yup, I said three! – stitches:

Even number of stitches:
k1, * yo, k2 tog; rep from *, end k1.  Repeat this row.

C’est fini.  Just as easy as plain stockinette stitch.  I also like it because when you’re using an overdyed (or ombre) yarn, like the one in the picture, sometimes the colors all smushed together in plain knitting can look muddy.  Using a faggot stitch can help spread them out and allow the colors to “pop.”

What about you, Dear Reader?
What complicated-looking task do you find surprisingly easy to perform?

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