M Is For… Macrame!
Project knotted by A. Catherine Noon; Image copyright 2015.  All Rights Reserved.
Project knotted by A. Catherine Noon; Image copyright 2015. All Rights Reserved.

Remember macrame? No? I do. It was the go-to fiber art of the early 80’s. Man, folks made everything from plant hangers, like the one I made above, to wall art, rugs, belts, covers for jugs, jewelry, vests, and anything else they could think of.  You used to find the macrame cording at the craft store, but I haven’t seen any in a long time.  (If you have a source, please tell me in the comments as I’d love to make something again.)

I made two plant hangers and a few other things; the plant hangers are the only things I still own.  This one is the larger of the two and is made with a light green and white cord in a simple square knot.  I mastered square knots and half-square knots, (which I keep trying to spell as “nots,”), but didn’t advance beyond that because the drawings, at the time, didn’t make sense.  But knowing what I know now about my 2D to 3D translation difficulties, I’d like to give it another shot.

And if you, Dear Reader, are interested in trying your hand at the art, there’s even an online Macrame School on YouTube.  I swear, what did we do before the internet?  As much as I love my offline activities, I’m sure grateful for the capacity to make bridges, connections, and share knowledge that the internet has brought us.  Miraculous.


What about you, Dear Reader?
What daily activities do you have in your life that have been altered by the internet?

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