2015-04-16 NI’ve got a sister post up at Knoontime Knitting, showing you some of my needlepoint. But since it was one of my first arts, I wanted to share some more thoughts about it.

To get started in needlepoint is a snap.  It’s a great art to try if you find stitches intimidating.  The basic method is that you color in a grid using single stitches, and “painting” a design with the threads.  There are, of course, very fine designs with teeny-tiny stitches; but you can also find nice big grids that aren’t at all difficult.  There are even stiff plastic grids that you can get and use them to make physical objects like boxes and, yes, really ugly tissue box covers.  🙂

I love making boxes, actually.  There’s no reason one has to use ugly, fake-looking, cheap yarn to make a box.  One can just as easily use nice yarn and pleasing designs.  Making small boxes isn’t difficult, either, which is part of the appeal.  And here’s a mind-bender:  select a nice overdyed yarn (one of those multi-colored yarns) and you don’t even have to “paint” the design – the yarn does it for you.

What about you, Dear Reader?
What would you put in a needlepoint box?

2 thoughts on “N Is For… Needlepoint!

  1. I have seen just a portion of your handiwork and always love it. Happy crafting!

    1. Thanks, Darla! I really appreciate your support. 🙂

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