O Is For… Outdoors!

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The outdoors. It calls to us, if we let it.  It wasn’t until I moved to Chicago and met people who had been raised their entire lives in a metropolis, (Chicago is the third-largest city in the United States), that I realized not everyone feels the call the way I do.

When I was young and living with a mentally-ill mother, one of the common escapes for me was to go hiking into the mountains behind our ranch.  It backed up to a thirty-acre cow pasture, but beyond that, it was just National Forest – no houses for, literally, miles.  Since my mother disapproved of my writing, I hid my papers and pen under my shirt and took off with my dog to go walking.

At the time, I only knew I was escaping.  Now, at a couple decades’ remove, I realize that I was also communing with nature and finding peace in what was a very dangerous and unpeaceful situation.  Many spiritual traditions talk of the silence one gets in touch with when one walks, and I find that silence is accessible as much in the city as it is in those faraway mountains of my childhood.

What about you, Dear Reader?
Where are your favorite places to walk?

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