U Is For… Umbrella!

2015-04-24 Pic 1
I always carry an umbrella. I live in Chicago, which is called “The Windy City,” but should be called, “The City of Unpredictable Weather.”  When I arrived here over a decade and a half ago, I believed in the power of the weather reporters to predict the weather.

I have since realized they cannot do so, at least it doesn’t seem they can here in Chicago.  I remember going for a job interview, wearing a fine wool suit.  When I left home, the sun shone brightly and I got on the train to downtown.

When I arrived, the skies opened.  To say it “poured” is an understatement:  in under two minutes, I looked like a drowned rat and smelled like a wet sheep.

Since then, I’ve kept a portable umbrella with me at all times in my satchel.

What about you, Dear Reader?
What items do you carry for preparedness?

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